Samsung Galaxy S21 review

Samsung Galaxy S21 review


The Galaxy S21 isn’t the star of Samsung’s S series in 2021, like we’ve been used to for most of the past decade, but it’s a solid smartphone choice with an impressive camera, powerful internals and great battery life. If you want the best of the best, look to the Galaxy S21 Ultra; but if you want a handset that’s cheaper than the Galaxy S20 was at launch, with a whole load of premium features, the Galaxy S21 is a delight to use, and will do you proud.


  • Fantastic, versatile camera
  • Cheaper than the Galaxy S20
  • Powerful and capable phone


  • No microSD support
  • Screen isn’t the best
  • No charger in the box

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S21?

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Buy it if…

You want a smaller Samsung phone

The Samsung Galaxy S21 isn’t the smallest premium phone on the market – that honor likely goes to the iPhone 12 mini – but it’s a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want a fantastically large smartphone in their pocket. It’s 6.2-inch screen may look large on paper, but the phone itself is notably smaller than a lot of its Android competition.

You need one of the most powerful Android phones

The Galaxy S21 offers some phenomenally good performance, and if you need a smartphone that can handle multiple tasks at once in split-screen view or when gaming this will likely be it.

If you’ve got a much older phone

If you have the Galaxy S20 then the S21 isn’t an essential upgrade, as it doesn’t represent a clear improvement in terms of specs and features, but if you have the S10 or below you’re more likely to find the S21 a worthwhile upgrade. It’s also suitable for those who have older phones from other manufacturers and want to try a Samsung device. 

Don’t buy it if…

You own a Samsung Galaxy S20

As we say above, if you already own the Galaxy S20, there’s little reason to upgrade to this handset, as it doesn’t represent a clear improvement in terms of specs and features. Instead, you'll want to look toward the Galaxy S21 Ultra or perhaps wait for whatever Samsung does next.

You need lots of storage

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is hamstrung by its relatively meagre built-in storage and lack of microSD support for expanding on that. If you need lots of space on your smartphone for games, music and video, you’re better off going for almost any other top Android phone, as most will let you slot in a microSD card.

You want the best of the best

The Samsung Galaxy S21 isn’t the star of the Galaxy S21 family – if you’re after the very best from the company in 2021 you’ll want to look at the Galaxy S21 Ultra – if your budget can stretch to its considerable price tag.




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