Oppo Reno 4 5G

Oppo Reno 4 5G

A do-it-all mid-range smartphone with blisteringly fast charging


The Oppo Reno 4 5G is a good-looking phone with a big, bright, zingy screen and a fast-charging battery. The camera is good, not best-in-class, and doesn’t feature an optical zoom. What’s more, the screen’s a traditional 60Hz panel, so there’s no silky smooth scrolling as found on the more affordable OnePlus Nord. Despite those points though, with a smooth interface and plenty of battery, RAM, and storage, the Oppo Reno 4 5G impresses.



Great AMOLED screen

5G data speeds

Charges fully in under 40 minutes



High price on launch

Plastic build

No optical zoom

Should I buy the Oppo Reno 4 5G?

Buy it if...

You need 5G speeds without flagship price tags
While we wouldn’t recommend paying above the odds for the luxury of 5G given coverage is still patchy, at the Reno 4 5G’s price, it’s a welcome addition. Even if you’re on a 4G data plan now, you can easily upgrade your mobile data speeds without needing to swap your smartphone if it’s future-proofed.

You’re a frequently forgetful charger
With its class-leading charging speeds, the Reno 4 5G powers up in as little as 40 minutes, making it a faster charging smartphone than most flagships. The feature also makes it ideal for anyone who frequently forgets to power up their smartphone and needs to catch up on lost time.

A great screen matters to you
The Reno 4 5G has a great screen for the price. With AMOLED tech at the heart, it’s punchy, and while there’s no 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, it’s still a perfect smartphone to watch, game, and browse on day in, day out.


Don't buy it if...

You need optical zoom on your camera
Despite its respectable main camera which sports a 48MP sensor, the Oppo Reno 4 5G doesn't feature optical zoom. This puts it behind similarly priced competition from Realme and Xiaomi when it comes to getting closer to distant action.

You want a class-leading ultra-wide camera
The Oppo Reno 4 5G’s weakest link from a camera quality point of view is the ultra-wide camera. Its 8MP resolution means relatively low detail, and with no autofocus and mediocre low-light performance, it’s definitely one for bright scenes exclusively.

Stereo speakers are important to you
With a mono speaker at the base of the phone, despite perfectly audible volume levels, the Reno 4 5G doesn’t deliver the immersive stereo sound its bigger brother, the Reno 4 Pro packs. With no headphone jack, you’ll likely be relying on Bluetooth audio to really get the most out of games, movies, or music.




source: https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/oppo-reno-4-5g


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