Nikon D6

Nikon D6

Nikon's flagship D6 is Nikon's top of the range flagship DSLR and offers 14fps continuous shooting, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as an updated auto-focus system.

The Nikon D6 is the latest flagship DSLR from Nikon and is the top-of-the-range professional full-frame DSLR designed primarily for professional sports photographers, updating the Nikon D5. The camera features a 20mp full-frame sensor, a solid weather-sealed body, and ample battery life. It has an updated autofocus system, designed to give better focus, as well as quicker continuous shooting with AF.

Nikon D6 Features

The Nikon D6 is built to be the ultimate professional DSLR, with features that a professional sports photographer would need, including built-in GPS, built-in RJ-45 (ethernet) connectivity for instant and rapid image transfer, a tough weather-sealed camera body, and exceptional battery life offering over 3,500 shots.


In the centre, there's a 20mp full-frame CMOS sensor, which may seem "low-resolution" for a digital camera in 2020, however, the use of a 20mp sensor results in lower noise (than a comparable 36/47mp sensor for example), as well as offering an impressive ISO range from ISO100 to ISO102400, which can be extended all the way up to ISO3.2million.

A 20mp image is also likely to be of benefit to sports shooters, as this allows for quicker image transfer, as dealing with 10MB images is much quicker and easier than dealing with 30+mb images from high-resolution cameras, particularly if you're shooting 100s or 1000s of images in a day.  20mp is also likely to be ample resolution for the majority of news organisations.


The camera offers 14fps continuous shooting with continuous AF (autofocus) and AE (exposure), with a buffer of 200, an improvement over the D5, which offered 12fps, or 14fps with mirror lock-up (and fixed AF).


The camera also offers a 3.2inch touch-screen, an optical viewfinder (OVF) with 0.72x magnification, a built-in vertical battery grip, amongst other things, including a top LCD, and rear LCD, as well as light-up buttons and displays so that you can operate the camera in the dark.

If you're familiar with the Nikon D5, then it's likely you'll be quite familiar with the Nikon D6, because in a lot of ways the camera is very similar, however, there are a number of updates:

New features and differences found on the Nikon D6:

105 AF-points (all cross-type), with increased sensitivity

14fps continuous shooting with AF/AE

1-5fps quiet mode continuous shooting

10.5fps continuous shooting in live-view

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, and GPS built-in

Kensington Lock socket

New auto white balance algorithm, for improved consistency

Create multiple-exposure images after shooting

Quick sharpen adjustments (pre and post-shooting)

Up to 900s shutter speed available

USB Type-C

Autofocus is one of the main features of the Nikon D6 that has been updated and if we look at the Nikon D5, it may at first seem to offer more focus points, however, the number of selectable focus points, and the type of focus point has been updated on the Nikon D6.

Autofocus is one of the main features of the Nikon D6 that has been updated

The Nikon D6 uses a newly designed Multi-CAM 37K autofocus sensor module, that features 105 AF points, and they are all cross-type, and all selectable, whereas the Nikon D5 only offers 55 selectable AF points. The Nikon D6 has also been updated with a triple sensor arrangement for every focus point, compared to the double-sensor arrangement on the D5. Sensitivity in the centre has been improved down to -4.5EV.



Key Features

  • 20.8mp Full-Frame FX CMOS sensor
  • Nikon F-mount
  • 3.2inch touch-screen, with 2359K dots
  • 0.72x magnification optical viewfinder (OVF), with 100% coverage
  • 105 AF points (all cross-type), -4.5 EV sensitivity
  • 14fps continuous shooting with AF/AE at full resolution
  • 10.5fps silent continuous shooting using live-view (fixed AF)
  • 60fps 2mp images, 30fps 8mp images
  • ISO100 to ISO102400, extends to ISO50, ISO3280000 (Hi5)
  • 4K UHD Video recording, 30,25,24fps
  • GPS built-in
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RJ-45, Mic, Headphone sockets
  • Weather-sealed magnesium alloy body




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