Momax UV-Box UV Sanitizer

Momax UV-Box UV Sanitizer

#UV sterilization may cause the inside of the sterilization box to appear dark and yellow, which does not affect the disinfection efficiency.


#Please avoid UV Sanitizing plastic materials (especially white objects). UV sterilization may cause discoloration of the material.



Input : 5V/ 1A

Output Power : 1W (UV-C); 0.5W (Aroma Diffuser); 2W (Max.)

Dimension : 232mm x127mm x45mm; 199mm x 105mm x 30mm (Interior)

Weight : 300g


Condition: 100% new and unused

In the box:

  • Momax UV-Box UV Sanitizer
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



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