Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 is a compact, affordable flagship with some compromises


The Google Pixel 5 loses some of the more advanced features of its predecessor in order to keep the cost down, and the result is a streamlined phone with great camera software and a clean Android interface. But without some of those premium perks, like a telephoto lens, that appear in other handsets at the same price tier, the Pixel 5 struggles to distinguish itself from the competition. It is a good handset at a consumer-pleasing price – but that's true of other 2020 phones, too.


          Camera software is better than ever

          Metal case is refreshing change from glass

          Clean Android interface


          No telephoto camera

          Middling night photography


Should you buy the Google Pixel 5?

Buy it if...

You like shooting and editing photos
The Pixel 5 doesn't have a wide array of rear cameras, but its photo software is great – especially in the ways it enables you to edit images after taking them.

You want a small-format flagship phone
The Pixel 5 can be used one-handed with relative ease, which isn't the case with most flagship phones, and it won't take up too much space in pockets or bags.

You want a pure Android experience
The Google Pixel 5 runs Android 11, one of the first phones to do so, and as ever on Pixel phones and it's not bloated with superfluous apps, settings, or other interface extras.


Don't buy it if...

You want the most powerful phone out there
The Pixel 5 is speedy, but it's not as fast as the most powerful phones out there, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

You want the best phone cameras
The Pixel 5 takes great photos, but it doesn't have the most advanced suite of lenses. If you want strong zoom photography, opt for a phone with telephoto lenses, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 line.

You want the biggest screen out there
The Pixel 5 has a great 6-inch screen, but it's easily dwarfed by bigger phones like the similarly-priced Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and the 6.55-inch OnePlus 8T, or at a higher price, the 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.




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