Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG Phone 5 review

The Asus ROG 5 is the best gaming phone that appeals to non-gamers too


The Asus ROG 5 is the best gaming smartphone you can buy with design features and software perks that augment the playing experience. Incremental improvements on its predecessor make it a superior choice that make the phone appealing to non-gamers as well, from its good screen to great speakers to unseen internal refinements that let its 65W fast charging juice the phone from zero to almost full in under an hour. It’s still a pricey handset with notable camera shortcomings compared to rival flagships, but the ROG 5 is a recommendable alternative to top Android phones if you don’t mind its few flaws.


          Remarkable performance

          Neat built-in gaming features

          Great display and speakers


          Still no telephoto lens

          ‘Gamer chic’ looks might be too much for some

          Large, heavy and dense


Buy it if…

You want the best gaming phone

This one’s easy: we feel the Asus ROG 5 is one of if not the best gaming phone given its advancements, software, and accessories. If you like mobile gaming, there aren’t many better choices.


You like watching media on your phone
Some of the same things that make the Asus ROG 5 a good gaming phone also make it great for binging media: good screen, great speakers, and a giant battery that quickly recharges with its 65W in-box charger. And a 3.5mm headphone jack helps.


You loathe running out of battery life
There are few phones with a 6,000mAh battery, and the Asus ROG 5 is one of them. Fewer still recharge as quickly as this phone given its unique split-battery construction (two 3,000mAh cells) and 65W charger.


Don’t buy it if…

You want a superior camera phone
It’s no secret that the Asus ROG 5 lags behind other flagship phones in the camera  department. Consider a leading iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21 model if you prize photography in your phones. 


You want a cheaper mobile gaming experience
The Asus ROG 5 is as pricey as many top-tier flagships, especially the Pro and Ultimate models. There are other high-specced yet more affordable flagships out there, like the OnePlus 8T, that could provide a suitable and far more affordable gaming experience. 


You want a classier-looking phone
Gamer-chic isn’t for everyone, and at the Asus ROG 5’s prices, you might want a more posh-looking handset. The iPhone 12 series will suit if you appreciate its squared-off edges, or the Samsung S21 Ultra/Note 20 Ultra if you need absolute class.






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